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Fixing a Hole (TV Mini Series)

This Series is brought to you by Brand Old Productions; award winners of the Clever Girl Series and feature film 75. See Samantha as Mariana Torres.

The Audition UK (Short)

The Audition.jpg

This Mockumentary looks at the comical situations during the audition process as well as the dark side, which is finally being lit by the #METOOMOVEMENT. See Samantha's directorial debut; she also plays the role of Maya Hill.



A short drama looking at the current UK immigration system through the eyes of a young asylum worker. See Samantha as Jamilah Eze.


What happens in Pontem stays in Pontem. See Samantha as Tam.


The comedy of Notzilla; a creature that goes through an unexpected journey along with a team of scientist. See Samantha as investigative reporter Pearl Stringer.